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About Us
About Indian Petro Group:

Indian Petro Group (IPG) is India's largest news, information and market intelligence provider in the Indian Oil & Gas, Power and Fertilizer Sectors. We provide niche business information, 5 days a week, in India through our exclusive, industry specific portals:

8Oil and Gas - 
8Power - 
8Fertilizer - 
8Petrochemical -

We have a countrywide network of journalists, analysts, editors and scouts who provide detailed information on a daily basis on these sectors. Our reporters are constantly striving to pick out critical information from key decision-makers. The information is then distilled by our in-house group of editors and analysts before it is uploaded on our websites.

We have also created the country's most comprehensive database on each of these sectors in our verticals. There are times we upload up to 500 pages of data, news and analysis every day into each of our sites. All of our information is exclusive and available nowhere else in the Indian media.

The Indian Petro Group mission:

8To have strategic knowledge of the subscriber's market-place and to interpret, and reflect upon, all implications and opportunities resulting from the dynamics of the market-place

The website has been in existence for the past seven years and contains hundreds of thousands of pages of data and information pertaining to the industry. It provides exhaustive data and commentry on policy parameters, WTO issues, feedstock availability and trade and market related issues across all fertilizer products.

Statistical Data: The website has a "Statistics" section that provides exhaustive data on capacities, utilization levels, production profiles and sales not just in India but across the world.

Prices: The "Trade" section provides the latest data on movement of international prices and imports into India on a daily/weekly basis.

Policy Updates: The Indian fertilizer industry functions under a complex subsidy-driven regime. Of late, certain policy changes have been initiated which will have long term implications for the industry. Most importantly, the government is in the process of putting together a framework for transition of all FO/LSHS and naphtha based units to using gas as feedstock. The website has covered these changes in extensive detail, providing a glimpse at the philosophy behind these changes and an understanding of how the decision making processes work in this sector. The new policy initiatives are also explained in detail in a manner understandable to everyone.

Exclusive and Exhaustive coverage of the sector: The website is an extremely important tool for anyone who is keen on participating in the transition process currently underway in the fertilizer industry. Because of its peculiar characteristics, the industry functions like no other industry in the country. In this context, catering to the requirements of this industry requires a very special understanding of its underlying dynamics.

It is pertinent to note that our coverage is entirely exclusive. You will find little or no information of the kind we are providing any where else in the media. We have a highly dedicated team of journalists and researchers, with a deep understanding of the sector, who cover all developments in the industry on a daily basis.

Our Subscribers: We have all fertilizer companies, without any exception, subscribing to our website. We also have almost all foreign companies doing business with the Indian fertilizer industry as our subscribers. Some of our esteemed subscribers are 8Agora International Trading Pte. Ltd, 8Balarus Potash, 8Bhilai Engineering Corporation Ltd, 8Bombay Mercantile Bank, 8Coromandel Fertilizers Ltd, 8DCM Shriram, 8Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd, 8The Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Company Ltd (DMCC), 8Emkay Share & Stock Brokers, 8ESSAR, 8Exxon Mobil Company India Private Ltd, 8FITCH, 8Gail (India) Ltd, 8Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Company Ltd (GNFC), 8Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd (GSFC), 8ICEC (India) Pvt Ltd, 8ICL, 8ICRA Ltd, 8Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd (IFFCO), 8 Indogulf Group, 8Jaypal Gupta, 8Jyoti Consultants, 8Krishak Bharati Cooperative Ltd (KRIBHCO), 8Shyam Fertilizer Ltd, 8Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd (MCFL), 8Madras Fertilizers Ltd (MFL), 8Mosaic India Pvt Ltd, 8Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd (NFCL), 8National Fertilizers Ltd (NFL), 8North West Chemical Fertilizer Pty Ltd, 8OCDS, 8Paradeep Phosphates Ltd (PPL), 8PDI, 8Rama Group, 8Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd (RCFL), 8Reliance Industries Ltd, 8RNZ International, 8Rusagro Inter-Trade Pvt Ltd, 8Sabic India, 8Saipem India Project Services Ltd, 8Shell, 8 Hazira, 8Spic Ltd, 8Stellar Global Pte. Ltd, 8Sun International, 8Tata Chemicals, 8Wilson International
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