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All the news items since the launch of our web site are preserved in the archive section. The archive entries are freely accessible to all the users.
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Sept 2014
Sep 22: RCF seeks bids for supply of 10,000 tonnes of sulphur   Details
Sep 22: Gas for fertilizer units-I: Supply dwindles   Details
Sep 22: Gas for fertilizer units-II: Priority to CGD means urea units can only get supply from additional production   Details
Sep 19: Monsoon revival perks up fertilizer market prospects: PotashCorp   Details
Sep 19: DOF moots strategy to optimize fertilizers usage   Details
Sep 18: CFCL starts evaluating opportunities in its non-core businesses
Sep 18: CFCL starts evaluating opportunities in its non-core businesses   Details
Sep 18: BEC set to commission its SSP plant in Gujarat in December 2014   Details
Sep 17: RCF develops phosgypsum-derived soil ameliorant & a K-biofertilzier   Details
Sep 17: Urea Investment Policy hitch hits RCF Thal Expansion   Details
Sep 16: RSMM to E-auction of 60,000 tonnes of rock phosphate   Details
Sep 16: DAC unveils a new multi-facet mobile-based advisory & information service for farmers   Details
Sep 15: FACT seeks bids for supply of 120,000 tonnes of ammonia   Details
Sep 15: MP's Markfed invites tenders for supply of eight fertilizers during Rabi   Details
Sep 12: DOF seeks EOIs for Barcode-based tracking of all fertilizer bags   Details
Sep 12: RCF seeks offers for undertaking bentonite sulphur market study   Details
Sep 11: Point Counter Point-I: AOGO lobbies hard for gas price increase   Details
Sep 11: Point Counter Point-II: Price hike will lead to $50 billion investment, says AOGO   Details
Sep 11: Point Counter Point-III: Fertilizer lobby orchestrates campaign against gas price hike   Details
Sep 11: Point Counter Point-IV: Rangarajan formula faulty, says FAI   Details
Sep 11: MMTC solicits offers for urea supply for meeting Rabi?s demand   Details
Sep 11: RCF gears up for potash imports   Details
Sep 11: DOF issues fresh advisory on analysis of Egyptian rock phosphate   Details
Sep 10: DCA calls for policy intervention for mandatory use of organic manure   Details
Sep 09: GNFC to double up its debt raising limit to Rs 8000 cr to fund projects   Details
Sep 09: GNFC discontinues CAN prod; increases coal uptake to improve its profit   Details
Sep 08: CFCL restarts urea unit that was shut down on 26th August   Details
Sep 08: MMTC seeks tenders for supply of 30,000 tonnes of APS complex fert   Details
Sep 05: DAC clears 5 new customized fertilizer grades; sets soil health card targets   Details
Sep 05: RCF seeks bids from banks for Rs 192-crore term loans   Details
Sep 04: Gas-starved NFCL calls for fresh debate on gas policy   Details
Sep 04: CPCB lists six applications of phosgypsum   Details
Sep 03: ZACL to complete revamp of its two NPK plants by April-end 2015   Details
Sep 03: MCFL ready to receive gas that is expected to be available in 2016-17   Details
Sep 02: ZACL evaluating two options for expansion of its ammonia-urea stream   Details
Sep 02: DSL mulls entry in crop care business; stresses urgency for rational urea policy   Details
Sep 01: RCF lets nitric acid & ammonium nitrate plant bidders for Talcher project rework their bids   Details
Sep 01: RCF gives bidders for Talcher Ammonia-Urea stream an option to change consortium members   Details
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