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TEC clears plans of FACT & TAIL to use hazardous wastes in fert production

Jan 30: Central Pollution Control Board’s (CPCB’s) technical expert committee (TEC) on handling of hazardous materials has recommended grant of permission to Fertilisers and Chemicals Travancore Limited (FACT) to use sulphur muck in the manufacture of complex fertilizers.
8According to the minutes of TEC’s 13th meeting, “The committee recommends utilization of the sulphur-muck subject to verification of grinding and mixing facilities by CPCB/SPCB officials.”
8FACT has proposed grind sulphur muck generated by one of its plants to 1-4 mm size. O.1% of this powdered sulphur muck would be mixed with complex fertilizers.
8TEC has also recommended grant of permission to Teesta Agro Industries Ltd (TAIL) to utilize sulphur sludge and SSP/SAP Cleaning & Scrubbing residue in the manufacture of single super phosphate (SSP).
8Considering Philips Electronics India’s proposal for use of hazardous waste at its unit in Punjab, TEC recommended that “nitric acid to be scrubbed as ammonium nitrate which can be used as fertilizer. The spent sulphuric acid could be send to ETP for neutralization with lime, so that gypsum so generated can be dispose to TSDF or explore the option for utilizing the same in cement plant.”
8CPCB has also prepared an updated list of fertilizer, chemical and other companies that have been allowed to generate wealth from hazardous wastes under Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling and Transboundary Movement) Rules 2008

GNFC's fertilizers segment posts massive fall in its Q3 financials

Jan 30: Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals’ (GNFC’s) fertilizers business has suffered massive decline in both its sales and profit before interest and tax (PBIT) during third quarter (October-December 2014) of current financial year.
8The fertilizer segment’s PBIT plummeted to Rs 1.23 crore in latest Q3 from Rs 80.04 crore in the corresponding period of previous financial year. The Segment’s sales decreased to Rs 575.50 crore from Rs 688.92 crore.
8The company did not disclose any specific reason for slump in the performance of its fertilizers division.

KPR unveils inputs sourcing plan for its fertilizers expansion project

Jan 29: K.P.R. Fertilizers Limited intends to source rock phosphate from Jordan, Egypt & Israel and sulphur from Singapore for its proposed expansion of its single super phosphate (SSP) in Koppal district of Karnataka.
8In its final environment impact assessment (EIA) report submitted earlier this month to The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MOEFCC), the company has proposed import of urea from China and Iran and DAP from China, Jordan and Egypt for its NPK mixtures expansion unit. It intends to source potash from Canada and Russia.
8KPR has envisaged expansion of these two fertilizer units as part of its project for enhancement of capacity of its fertilizers-cum-chemicals complex.
8The project provides for increase in single super phosphate (SSP) capacity to 350 tonnes per day (tpd) from 200 tpd and NPK mixtures capacity to 600 tpd from 500 tpd.
8It also provides for ramp-up of di-calcium phosphate capacity to 50 tpd from 10 tpd, 50 tpd dimethyl sulphate unit and 40 tpd linear alkyl benezene sulphonic acid unit.

FACT seeks tenders for supply of 15,000 tonnes of ammonia

Jan 29: Fertilisers and Chemicals Travancore Limited (FACT) has invited bids from manufacturers and traders for delivery of 15,000 tonnes of anhydrous ammonia at Kochi.
8The solicited quantity is to be provided in two parcels of 7500 tonnes each. First shipment should arrive during 25th February-1st March 2015 and second shipment during 7th-11th March 2015.
8The company says: “FACT retains the right to accept deviation in parcel size for both the shipments at its sole discretion, in case of single offer / high price for the offer with parcel size as per tender.”
8It adds: “Both CFR Cochin and FOB load port prices on cash basis and with 180 days credit basis are to be quoted and the terms of credit to be indicated.”
8FACT intends to avail credit up to 180 days from the B/L date. Bidders shall offer credit up to 180 days and indicate the applicable rate of interest per annum in the Price Bid Format.

CPCB drafts Zero liquid discharge norms that cover fertilizer units

Jan 28: Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has issued draft ‘Guidelines on Techno – Economic Feasibility of Implementation of Zero Liquid Discharge (Zld) for Water Polluting Industries.’
8The guidelines, among other industries, deal with fertilizer sector and distilleries that undertake fertigation, apart from producing organic fertilizers.
8In a communication to State PCBs, Member Secretary of CPCB says: “Implementation of zero liquid discharge (ZLD) in all types of industrial sectors is an important issue and in many sectors, technology wise it is possible and can be achieved. In many cases, Hon’ble Courts/Tribunal are also seeking opinion from regulators about the feasibility and possibilities of its total implementation. Technically in many parts of the country and in many sectors it is being practiced/demonstrated successfully, though the economic aspects are in question.”
8For references purposes, we have placed the guidelines in our reports section.
Visit our reports section for the details.

GSFC boosts its fertilizers profit by about 144% in Q3

Jan 28: Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals’ (GSFC’s) fertilizers business has enhanced boosted its profit by 143.93 % in spite of decline in sales during third quarter of current fiscal.
8The fertilizers segment’s profit before interest and tax (PBIT) increased to Rs104.55 crore in Q3 (Oct-Dec 2014) of current financial year from Rs 42.86 crore in the corresponding period of previous year.
8The company did not explain robust growth in fertilizer segment’s profitability in the results table. The table however, implies that profitability increased due to faster decline in expenditure as compared to decrease in sales.
8The fertilizers sales decreased to Rs 842.15 crore from Rs 923.10 crore. In the footnotes, GSFC disclosed that “net sales/income from operations for the quarter includes Rs 4729 lakhs and for the 9 months ended on 31.12.2014 includes Rs 3124 lakhs relating to earlier periods towards annual escalation/de-escalation in the input prices of urea.”
8The chemicals business identified as “industrial products” suffered substantial fall both in its PBIT and sales.

MOEF panel waive off public hearing for RCF's Thal energy saving project

Jan 27: The Ministry of Environment & Forests (MOEF)-constituted experts’ committee for assessment of chemical process-based industrial projects (Industry-2) has
recommended exemption from public hearing for Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilisers Limited’s (RCF’s) Rs. 362.82-crore energy saving project at Thal complex.
8At its meeting held towards end-December 2014, the Committee “noted that the industry is applying for modernization of existing process by design modification without increasing production capacity. Changing the utilities, reducing power and water consumption has been proposed by the industry. Therefore, Committee recommended for exemption of public hearing as per para 7 (ii) of EIA, Notification, 2006 and preparation of EIA-EMP report.”
8The Committee has, however, directed the company to prepare a detailed report to to cover 19 specified issues including conducting modelling to indicate that there is no increase in pollution by the addition of new utilities and fuel change.
8The project provides for installation of Gas Turbine Generator (GTH) and Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) as a replacement for some of the steam turbines.
Visit our reports section for the details.

MOEF panel stipulates 4th scrubber for RPL's Indore SSP expansion

Jan 27: The Ministry of Environment & Forests (MOEF)-constituted experts’ committee for assessment of chemical process-based industrial projects (Industry-2) has Rama Phosphates Ltd to install 4th scrubber in the event of fluorine content in emissions exceeding the prescribed norms at its Indore fertilizer plant.
8While recommending grant of environment clearance for the Indore fertilizer expansion project at its meeting held towards end-December 2014, the Committee specified a few conditions to be incorporated in the approval letter.
One of the conditions reads as: “Silicon Fluoride gases shall be passed through three stage–wet scrubbers before discharging into atmosphere through adequate stack height to control fluorine content within 15 mg/m3. After three stages, if fluorine content in emission is not meeting the prescribed norms then efficiency of scrubber shall be improved by adding additional stage of scrubber. Scrubbing shall have interlocking system with main plant.”
8The panel has also stipulated that “Fluoride monitoring through continuous fluoride analyzer shall be carried out in ambient air as well as stack.”
8The project provides for increase in single superphosphates (SSP) capacity to 250,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) from 150,000 tpa. It also provides for creation of 250,000 tpa ranulated SSP capacity. The project also envisages setting up of a
60,000 tpa NPK unit.

STC scouts for tie-up with global urea firms to bid for Nepal tender

Jan 23: State Trading Corporation of India Limited (STC) is soliciting global tie-up for urea export to Nepal under a tendering invitation issued by Kathmandu-based Agriculture Inputs Company Limited (AICL).
8The last date for submission of offers for supply of 35,000 tonnes of urea to AICL as per the tendering invitation issued by it is 23rd February 2015.
STC is keen to participate in this bidding competition and is according seeking a “Back to Back arrangement with the global suppliers” for supply of Urea in case the order is placed on STC.
8The company says: “STC would quote the rates to AICL (Nepal) on the basis of rates/prices offered by the lowest bidder to STC after adding a Trading Margin of STC @ 3% of the CIF Nepal value plus agency commission charges of our authorized agent in Nepal. The basic terms of order received by STC from AICL (Nepal) shall mutatis mutandis apply in the back-to-back contract to be finalized
between STC and the lowest bidder except payment terms.”
8It adds: “STC will extend necessary help like signing of documents for import in India and final export to Nepal. Please note that all the statutory and legal requirements within and outside India have to be complied by the supplier. STC will not be responsible for any lapses in this matter.”

Zuari unveils move to tap capital market to fund its growth plan

Jan 23: Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd (ZACL) is gearing up to tap the capital market for financing its projects as well as strategic acquisitions.
8At a meeting held on 22nd January, ZACL’s Board of Directors approved the Company’s proposal to mop up to Rs. 400 crore through further issue of securities including Equity Shares, by way of offer to qualified institutional placement (QIP).
8In a disclosure to the BSE and NSE, ZACL stated: “The proceeds from QIP shall be utilized for substantial revamp of existing manufacturing capacities and towards strategic investment/acquisitions.”
8In the footnotes to its latest quarterly results, ZACL has given an update on its latest offer, made in association its subsidiary Zuari Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (ZFCL), for acquisition of additional shares aggregating to 36.56% stake in Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilisers Limited (MCFL).
8Following completion of an earlier share purchase offer, ZFCL has been classified as a promoter of MCFL with effect from 3rd November 2014.

MBAPL to set up rock phosphate beneficiation plant in MP

Jan 21: Madhya Bharat Agro Products Private Limited (MBAPL), a SSP producer, has proposed to set up a 300 tpd Rock Phosphate Beneficiation Plant at Saurai Industrial Area in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh. The proposed capacity of the plant is 300 TPD.
8In its environment impact assessment report on the project, MBAPL says: “The very objective of the company is to achieve cost effective technological innovations in the manufacturing of Beneficiated Rock Phosphate and to diversify into Beneficiated Rock Phosphate based downstream projects.
8The company has disclosed details of downstream granulated SSP project in the EIA report.

Greenstar Fertilizer benefits from phosphoric acid tolling deal

Jan 21: Credit rating major ICRA believes that DAP producer Green Star Fertilizers Limited (GSFL) is benefiting from its tolling arrangement with phosphoric acid supplier Sesa Sterlite Limited.
8In its credit rating release on GSFL, ICRA notes: “The rating further takes into account the sharp improvement in the capacity utilisation in the current fiscal following the signing of a tolling agreement with Sesa Sterlite Ltd for the supply of Phosphoric Acid and the modest improvement witnessed in the profitability owing to low prevailing prices of rock phosphate and the reduced forex losses following relatively steady currency levels.”
8The rating also takes into account the large volatility in GSFL’s operating profitability and the thin net margins. The operating margins have been volatile in the three years of operations as a result of the exposure to global prices of key raw materials like rock phosphate, regulatory restrictions on MRP of products and the increasing marketing costs and rebates following the piling up of channel inventories.
8The net margins have been impacted due to the increasing interest costs and the large forex losses that the Company has been incurring due to the substantial import dependence with respect to procurement of raw materials. 8The rating is further constrained by the increase in the working capital intensity following the increase in trade and subsidy receivables as also the increase in inventory levels. This has necessitated increased creditor and working capital financing thereby leading to adverse capital structure and debt coverage metrics.
8GSFL had acquired the integrated phosphates and NPK fertilizers production facilities from Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation (SPIC) in October 2011.
8According to ICRA, various entities controlled by Mr. Ashwin Muthiah have 90% equity stakes in the company. Toyota Tsusho Corporation, the trading arm of the Toyota group, holds the balance 10% stake.

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